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Project Details

Global Team
Digital Payments
Server Migration
20 February, 2018

Server Migration and Software Transition

The client came to us with a rapidly deteriorating server that required frequent rebooting. After assessing the situation, emergency transfers of data were done to a new server solution. Next, we assessed their needs and utilized modern open source solutions to provide improved services with better reliability. Payment processing issues were resolved using recorded logs andthe new system included dashboard features communicating key data points.

Ongoing Projects

We have several ongoing projects for a range of clients. Some of the highlights of these include:

  • IT Managment
  • SQL Dashboard Creation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Client Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Community Feedback
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project discuss
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We always aim to provide results above and beyond expecations. Once we understand your goals we assess multiple pathways on how to obtain effective results. We always inform clients of different pros and cons of approaches, but ultimately your business success is our #1 priority. Part of the process is continued communciation through the stages of a project, and we always let you know how projects are coming along. Projects are a point of pride for us and we are pleased to be able to provide services that match your requirements.